Hidden Sidewalks is a collective of valuable information for travelers and expat. The blog will advise you to explore traveling and relocation in many forms – from low budget trips to the adventures of a relocation lifestyle.

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Batel Galor (Hidden Sidewalks, Spider Lilies & Betel Nuts)

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Sixtina (Six Miles Away)

 Our Story

After meeting the love of my life in the south desert of Israel, We decided to relocate our 3 boxes and 1 child (back than 1.5 years old) and move to work in a n agricultural project in Papua New Guinea.

We arrived to the capital city POM (Port Moresby), and stayed there for almost 2 years. Those 2 years allow us to travel a lot more than we use to travel before our relocation so that along the way we achieved a lot of conclusions about wiser ways to travel .

The two years pass in a blink of an eye and we found ourselves back in Israel: still having the time of our lives, still traveling as much as possible, still working a lot. Hopefully our next relocation will start SOON as planned and we can contribute even more, for communities of Expats and Travelers.