10 Most Valuable tips for a balance Arts-Parks-Shopping trip to London - part 1

10 Most Valuable tips for a balance Arts-Parks-Shopping trip to London - part 1

Hi to all of the travelers among us,

Let me start with a disclosure, The few days trip that you are about to read in the post doesn’t necessarily fit for people who are visiting for the 1st time in London as it doesn’t include all of the must-see touristic sites. For whom it is the first time in London, I promise to upload a suitable post soon.

Tag along to see the breathtaking Tate Gallery.

Where: Millbank, London SW1P 4RG

How to get there: By Tube (!) Pimlico: Victoria Line (Light Blue Tube Line), 600 meters approx.

£: I’’s free!
We were extremely fascinated by the large space of the gallery as it contains modern exhibitions and antique art as well each room takes you to a different year. I was amazed by the extraordinary video arts. - you just must see all of the exhibitions that you can.

At the end of a beautiful 2.5 hr, I walked out with a print by David Hockney (A bigger splash,1967)

Just then, it will be the perfect time to do the Thames walk.

Make it an Opportunity for a concert at the O2 Arena.

Where: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

How to get there: By Tube (!) North Greenwich station is on the Jubilee Line (Gray Tube Line) in Zones 2 and 3. And it’s right on the doorstep.

£: Depend on the show

Don’t miss the chance to catch your favorite artist in the O2. It carries the title nowadays of being the busiest hall for concerts.

The great acoustic and sounds will make you forget that there are 20,000 people surrounding you. We went to Jeff Lynne (ELO) concert and were amused by the efforts put in writing a short story combining names from Jeff Lynne songs in it on a board in the tube station. The remarkable thing apart of the fantastic show was the efficiency of the tube after the show. It was coordinated to be activated in higher frequency, and manage to vanish 20,000 people in no-time.

Kensington Gardens VS Holland Park

Kensington Gardens

Where: W2 2UH, London

How to get there: By Tube (!) Either from Lancaster Gate, aka Lancaster gate station. or from Queensway tube station straight to the pond.- both stations are on the Red Tube Line, Central line.

£: Free entrance

We tent to open our mornings in Kensington amazing gardens either in the Italian gardens - from Lancaster gate or by the pond - from Queensway, with a cup of coffee. Kensington Gardens are connected to Hyde Park, the major difference between the two connected is, in my opinion, that Hyde Park has more lawns, and a meadow-like atmosphere while, Kensington Gardens is full of ancient trees. Both of the sites are spectacular, they are presenting the best cultivate parks.

Holland Park

Where: Ilchester Pl, Kensington, London

How to get there: by tube(!) - take the Central line- The Red Tube Line. to Holland Park station.

£: Free entrance

This enchanted park is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, a park that reminded me of the secret garden film and book. It is a hidden, wild-looking park. Holland Park was definitely the park that took my breath away and became my favorite park in London while walking beneath the falling leaves and between the bushes, you will discover, as we did the Ideal spot to relax: Kyoto gardens, is a gem in the heart of the chaotic Holland park. We also saw an adventure park for kids inside and started to climb.

A shop we loved “Forbidden Planet”

Where: 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, Covent Garden, London

How to get there: by tube(!) take the Central, Red Tube line to Tottenham Court Road station

The best cult entertainment. This shop is the seventh heaven for sci-fi fans.

A look from above

The SkyGarden, the highest public garden in London. The view is spectacular, London is always stunning and to watch it from that high is breathtaking. You should plan your visit and book your free ticket the place also welcome walk-ins. There are nice bars and restaurants, and the view of the indoor gardens is fantastic.

Where: 20 Fenchurch St, London 

How to get there: by tube (!) Take the circle (yellow) line or the district (green) line to Monument tube station.

£: Free entrance

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the most valuable tips for a balanced trip in London. And for our remarks about the App, we loved the most

10 Most Valuable tips to balance your trip to London - Part 2

10 Most Valuable tips to balance your trip to London - Part 2