Our First Month in Our New Home-Living Abroad

Our First Month in Our New Home-Living Abroad

Summing up our first steps in our second relocation, this time we are living abroad in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

I can’t avoid comparing this relocation to our first one. We experienced our first relocation back in 2014; we returned to our homeland after almost two years and in August 2019 decided that it is time to leave again. This time we didn’t move abroad with a job offer, we’ve just wanted to start over. Considering the uncertainty, we felt this time it wasn’t all bad. We learned that after we made a decision, we need to let go of our fears and insecurities, did we succeed? I would say partially.

The decision to relocate and how was it made

We were thinking about leaving our homeland- Israel since the minute we came back from our first relocation, but we found ourselves just holding back our dream and living the life that we got used to living. It was too scary to walk away. I had my constant idea to move either to a European country or to Canada.

My partner wanted to move to Australia. We tried to get a visa to Australia in the past, but we haven’t succeeded. Both of us like Europe, but for some unexplained reason, we didn’t try to live there yet. Thailand was never a place I would consider. However, Omer has friends in Koh Phangan, and for him, it was a game-changer. He was feeling relatively secure in a place that has friendly faces.

I signed up for it without a shred of doubt, well at least until the big moment arrives.

Our incredible daughter, Uria, just behaved like the real grown up in the house saying to us it will be OK and that we will have lots of fun. We could see though that she is heartbroken; we knew how much she would miss her family and friends.

Step One- You have to pack to relocate

We were having ups and downs since our packing started. I was cranky and moody just like our seven years old daughter was (maybe even more) luckily, my wonderful partner was capable of embracing our changing moods.

I can still remember how happy I was to throw everything to suitcases back in 2014 when we had our first relocation. This time i struggle with thinking what actually to take. The differences were clear to me, while back in 2014 the company that hired us provided us with most things we needed it felt real easy while this time around it’s just us and our impulsive decision to leave our rented house, stable jobs, family and friends without knowing what’s going to happen. Moreover, our child was only two years old in our first relocation. Now Uria is seven years old; she already built strong relationships with friends and family.

We finally did it. Packed what we needed and got our dog sky kennel. We were ready to start our new life.

Step Two- saying goodbye and fly away

We were lucky that July and August is a long summer break in Israel, we spent so much time visiting everyone and everywhere we could. You can find some quirky recommendations of Israel travelling in our previous post. We got to the airport and headed to our first stop- Bangkok, Thailand.

Step Three- You have to adjust to your new relocation life

For the first week in Koh Phangan, we explore and find new and exciting places. We settled in our new home and even got our tour in the international school Si Ri Panya. Our daughter was very impressed by the school, and she wanted to get started right away. Unfourtantly, there was supposed to be an available spot just in January.

We continued to see a lot of new places around and got to know a few people. We also did home-schooling for our daughter in the meantime (sometimes it includes learning on the beach). A week later the headteacher of the school called and said that there is a place available sooner than we all thought and that Uria can start right away. Those were good news. However, we had to postponed for the following week as Uria got high fever virus, which totally made me want to pack everything and ran back to our homeland and our familiar doctors.

I completely lost my grip when her temperature reached 39.6-Celsius degrees, and no medicine was helping. I stayed up all night, replacing cold, wet towels on her forehead and started to calm my nerves down a bit. In the morning, she got up and felt much better. And now she is already two weeks in her new school.

A whole month passed by in a blink of an eye, and we are entirely ready to tell you how many great things you can do on this island. Join us in our next blog post to get inspired by the adventures and extraordinary experience you can have while visiting Koh Phangan.

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