Leaving Home and Arriving a New Destination

Leaving Home and Arriving a New Destination

Ahead of us was 18.5 hours of flight, then we will arrive in Port Moresby also known as POM.

POM is the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea.

Three suitcases, One stroller, and one car seat, that was all we took.

We’ve decided to stop in Bangkok after eleven hours of flight. It was April, which appears to be the worse month to spend time in Bangkok. After three days of unbearable heat and humidity, we were eager to continue our journey.

One of the smart moves that we did was to bring our toddlers’ toys with us to the flight. Than from Bangkok we arrived in Singapore, we spend a few hours in Changi airport -The Golden Parachute of all airports.

Starting Over

I thought that the best way to get a good fresh start would be by finding a job, as fast as possible. So I signed up for a job in the same company that hired my husband. However, this first trial appeared to be a mistake, and I survive only three months in the new workplace, struggling to find a proper nanny for our daughter, and having way too many “bosses” telling me what to do in the tiny role I got. Eventually, I felt it was just too much and became a-stay-at-home-mom for a while. The adjustment wasn’t easy, but I was full of hope regarding our new life.

Port Moresby Accommodation for your Convenience

POM is not an easy place, just like any other big city in a developing country. Most likely, that you will keep in mind a few places that you familiar with, you'll know that they are safe and friendly, and you will visit those places time after time.

Most compounds in POM are well equipped. You will most likely find in every compound amenities such as a large swimming pool, playgrounds, gym, squash room, tennis courts, and a BBQ area. In case you are not lucky enough to live in one of those well-equipped compounds, make sure you know someone who does. Stay tuned to know what activities POM has to offer, on our next POM post.

POM'S ACTIVITIES - Relocation Life in PNG

POM'S ACTIVITIES - Relocation Life in PNG