5 Boutiques That Every Avid Alcohol Enthusiast Should Visit While Exploring Israel

5 Boutiques That Every Avid Alcohol Enthusiast Should Visit While Exploring Israel

We are about to leave our current location, which is also our homeland and relocate for the second time.

Before we will begin our new journey, I’ve decided to dedicate a few of the following posts to Israel. I think it will be a proper way of saying goodbye.

This time I’m going to talk about a few small, yet outstanding, breweries and one distillery in Israel that made it as a small business against all odds.

It’s a well-known factor, the fact that it is so hard to succeed as a small business while big corporations are the one to dominate the markets.

It’s the same in some ways to all parts of the modern world. I feel obligated to speak up an unfair battle when I see one. It is a struggle that the government has the power to ease when supporting small businesses. To the contrary, the government seems to choose to make it even harder for small businesses among us.

It is my honor, to spread the word of the special boutique businesses that made it after all.

  • Note- these are certainly not the only small breweries/distilleries that made it here, just my list of the must-mentioned.

Let’s begin with the Whisky people that want to stay in Tel-Aviv

  • I'm here to spread the good news of "Milk & Honey" distillery. The "Milk & Honey" distillery is the first whiskey distillery in Israel. The "Milk & Honey" distillery has a custom-built whiskey pot still and a vintage still that was made according to the Scottish copper-smith tradition. The advantage of making their products in Israel is Israel’s hot climate that allows for quick maturation. The distillery offers private tours in Tel Aviv.

$$ 50 NIS for 1hr tour or 250 NIS for a 3 hr tour. This is around $14.5 for an hour tour and $72 for the three hours tour.

Location: Ha’Thiya St. 16, Tel Aviv

Public transportation: From TLV new central bus station take bus number 41 (to Holon, 4th floor) and step out of the bus at Heinrich Heine/ Ben Tzvi road, from there it's 3 min walk.

Website: https://mh-distillery.com/

You can find the "Milk & Honey" products spread in varies restaurants and bars across TLV.

For those who stick to Beer

Just a step away from TLV nightlife, you can spoil yourself within a short drive and get to one of my favourite areas in Israel.

Emek Hefer is one of the beautiful, relaxing yet full of attractions and must-see sights areas in Israel. Full discloser, I drank most of my alcoholic beverages in this area.

After that being said, let's talk about the local beer;

  • One special boutique awards winning beer was produced in Emek Hefer, next to a famous stream known by the name Alexander stream. For those of you who didn't guess the beer name is the same. Alexander Beer is an Israeli craft brewery that known for its varies types of craft beer. They have their well-known Alexander edition that includes: Blond, Ambree, Black, Green, Blazer and Israeli wheat Alexander beers. They also have limited editions.

The Alexander Brewery is open for visitors every Friday from 10 am to 1 pm, make sure to contact them in advance.

Tel: 074-7034094

Location: 19 Tzavei hanahal St. Emek Hefer industrial park

There is no public transportation from TLV straight to Emek Hefer industrial park. You can find a bus from the central bus station of Netanya the bus number is 705, you will have to get down of the bus in park taasiot Emek hefer/ tzavei hanahal.

Not to worry, It's easy to get from TLV to Netanya there are plenty of buses that drive to Netanya and back as well as big taxis that can take up to 10 passengers.

Website: https://www.alexander-beer.co.il/home-en

Northern Territory;

Malka beer was founded in 2006 by a nightclub owner from TLV that moved to the Galilee in the north to pursue his dream.

He started producing the beer in Kibbutz Yehiam where he also opened the beer garden. The beer garden is still located in the same place.

Malka Beer Garden opening hours:

Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm

In wintertime, they are closing at 6 pm.

Tel: 054-8713311/ 04-9941577

Location: to get there you should write in Waze: Beer Malka Yehiam 

The brewery moved to another nearby location, in Tefen industrial area.

In the brewery, you will get a tour which will allow you to taste all kinds of Malka beers and to order delicious chef dishes.

Malka brewery opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 12 pm to 4 pm

Wednesday and Thursday from 12 pm to midnight.

Location: to get there you should write in Waze: Beer Malka Tefen

Tel: 054-8713311/ 04-9941577

Website: http://www.malkabeer.co.il/

  • The Golan Brewery and their fabulous wheat beer- Bazelet.

The Bazalt beer made with fresh stream water from the Golan. And their menus are similar to brew houses all over the world.

The name “Bazelet” translates as “Basalt” which is the rock substance of cooled lava readily found in the Golan Heights. The waters, therefore, are steeped in these natural rich minerals.

You can also enjoy the brewery coordinated guided tours, including tastings.

The Golan Brewery is a restaurant inside a beer brewery opens all week from 11:30 AM.

Email address: info@magic-golan.co.il

Tel: 04-6963625

Location: Golan Magic- Katzrin, Golan Heights (Waze)

Public transportation: from TLV take the bus to Tiberius- 836

From Tiberius central bus station take bus number 57 to Katzrin step out in Park Katzrin and walk for 6 min to the brewery.

Southern territory;

Down south in a desert land, in a place named Tsukim (cliffs). Back in 2014 Hadas and Ohad Katz founded the Arava Brewery with the intention of “Making a beer which reflects the area in depth and taste” I can honestly say that the anticipation of tasting what this couple has come up with was worth every mile we drove. The brewery produces a beer name Katzra which is a craft beer, is brewed in a traditional manner, thus include using natural ingredients, It is unfiltered and unpasteurized.

There are three Katzra beers that come out of this brewery: Katzra Blond, Katzra Inbar and Dark Katzra, all three are absolutely fantastic.

Katzra is named after a stream in the Arava desert, along the ancient Nabatean Spice Route.

Website: https://www.beerarava.co.il/home

You can purchase Katzra beer in specialized stores and pubs. For a full list see the link below; https://www.beerarava.co.il/--c1fo3

Location: Arava Brewery, Tzukim, Arava, Israel 8683300

Public transportation: take bus number 390 from Tel Aviv central bus station (6th floor), and drive all the way to Tzukim junction from there its 1 min walking.

Tel: 052-7202301 (Ohad)

Call him in order to schedule a tour in the brewery including tasting.

Email: beerarava@arava.co.il


Super important note; the public transportation in Israel can be frustrating and confusing. You will do yourself a grand favor if you won’t be shy and ask for directions. You will find out quickly that Israelis like to chat and eager to help.

You should also try using Moovit app. as it will make your life on the roads easier.

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